As the worm turns

Just go here and here and read what's there and then come back and we can dish. Ok, you back? That was quite something wasn't ? Didn't you just love the comment from Swopa:
But let's also note that if this account is correct, the dirt that Cheney pried out of George Tenet did not include Mrs. Wilson's maiden name -- which directly related to her covert work. So why was her name leaked that way? The question of who put the Plame in the Plame leak seems to be more of a mystery than ever. Of course, that question is going to seem like little more than a footnote next to the political firestorm of the Vice President of the United States having known all along about the secret information at the heart of a criminal investigation, and not revealing it.
This is so sweet. These guys are completely fucked. All of them. The are probably all going to be indicted this week, including Cheney, and Bush will never recover. This Presidency is over. I going to go out on a limb and predict that Nadler's request for a formal investigation into the Administration's actions in fixing intelligence to deceive the U.S. Congress and the American people into going to war in Iraq is going to be acted upon in the coming months and that before election day 2006, a year from now, Bush will be out of office. I don't know if he's going to resign, be impeached or be found mentally incompetant to hold office, but I think he will be gone. I've always thought that George W. Bush was nothing but a front man. He fronts for corporate and big money interests, powerul interests, evil interests. Interests on a much higher plane than just Republicans and Democrats. These are the multinational Oil Barons, PNAC, the Carlysle Group, the Saudi royal family. They are the Stalinists and the McCarthyites who are responsible for the Cold War. They are the Khmer Rouge. They are the German, Italian, and Japanese corporate fascists who are responsible for the Second World War. They are the southern slave owners who are responsible for the Civil War. The railroad magnates, the cattle barons, and the horse soldiers who massacred the Native American tribes. They are our history. They are who we have always been. So George Bush is a front man for these evil bastards. He plays a role, he reads a script. His presidency has, until now, been largely succesful for his corporate masters. But I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that once Fitzgerald blows up his spot and he becomes aa liabilty for these powerful interests, once his presidency becomes a burden and a hinderance to the advancement of their agenda, they will find a way to get rid of him. He is expendable. Boy, that was fun! It's a wonderful fantasy, isn't it? Now let's keep our eyes open and see what really happens. Update: Jane Hamsher has a great analysis up at firedoglake. Don't skip the updates, which link to two good articles from Steve Clemons and Larry Johnson.